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Auto Injury Treatment in Stamford

Chiropractor Dr. Murphy offers efficient diagnosis and treatment of auto injuries in Stamford, CT.

Often, car accident victims walk away feeling fine, only to wake up in pain the following morning. Even then, they write off these aches as “minor,” assuming they will be back to normal in a few days. Unfortunately, for many people involved in an auto collision, this pain turns into chronic symptoms.

Delaying treatment while you hope that the aches will go away on their own can increases your risk of long-term pain. Seek treatment from a chiropractor as soon as possible following a car accident injury. Studies have shown that patients with whiplash and neck pain – which commonly occur as a result of a car accident – experienced improved recovery by seeking treatment as early as possible. This is also an important step for documenting your injuries for potential insurance claims.

Stamford chiropractor Dr. Murphy specializes in diagnosing and treating car accident injuries and developing an individualized treatment plan focused on your specific injuries. Some of the most common auto injuries seen at Gabriel Chiropractic include:

Neck Pain After Auto Injury

During an auto collision, your head moves in one direction while your body moves in another, stretching the ligaments of the neck. This may result in whiplash or other injuries to the cervical spine. Inflamed ligaments and irritated spinal nerves cause neurological dysfunction, leading to chronic pain. Other causes of neck pain following an auto collision include a herniated disc in the cervical spine, which places pressure on the spinal nerve. The body reacts to many of these injuries by developing scar tissue, leading to an impaired range of motion. Prompt chiropractic care may prevent this buildup of harmful scar tissue, preserving your range of motion.

Back Pain After Auto Injury

Back pain is another common auto injury treated in our Stamford office. During a collision, the seat compresses the lumbar spine of the mid-back. This causes ligament and nerve injuries, leading to pain and inflammation. Chiropractic spinal adjustments, along with exercise and massage therapy, can relieve this form of back pain.


Headaches After Auto Injury

Many car accident patients experience headaches. The most common type is a cervicogenic headache, caused by injury to the cervical spine, or portion of the spine located in the neck. This frequently develops as a secondary condition to whiplash associated disorder.Tension headaches caused by muscle spasms and stress are also common. Patients with a history of migraines may experience elevated symptoms after being involved in an auto accident. It is important to examine the underlying cause of your headaches, as they can also be a sign of brain or vascular injuries.

Chiropractic for Auto Injuries in Stamford

Seeing a chiropractor as soon as possible following an auto injury will help to prevent chronic pain. Chiropractic care has been shown to beneficial for a number of musculoskeletal injuries after a car accident, including neck pain, back pain, headache, shoulder injuries, disc herniation, and more. Dr. Murphy will build an individualized treatment plan for your auto injury. Treatment may include gentle chiropractic adjustments, DTS spinal decompression therapy, soft tissue work, and exercise rehabilitation. Dr. Murphy has helped thousands of patients in Stamford recover from musculoskeletal injuries after car accidents. Call Gabriel Chiropractic for relief from auto injuries in Stamford today.