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Personal Injury: What Happens during a "Slip and Fall"?

Personal Injury Slip and Fall Stamford, CTSlip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. You can lose your footing on an icy sidewalk while walking around beautiful Stamford, CT in wintertime, or you can encounter a wet floor in the supermarket, causing your feet to come right out from under you and resulting in a personal injury. But do you ever wonder why a slip and fall is so hard on your body, leaving you in pain for quite a while, even if you manage to somehow cushion the fall? Here’s why:

It Creates a Whiplash Efffect

Most people associate whiplash with auto accidents, but anytime you suddenly jerk your head, you risk suffering from this often painful condition. When you hit the ground, your head will likely snap back or forward, causing you to--at a minimum--get headaches and, if your personal injury is more serious, possibly even damaging some of your cervical discs (the spinal discs located between your head and your chest).

It May Cause Your Discs to Rupture or Slip

The sudden movement of your body can also cause your spinal discs to either rupture (which is when the fluid that normally cushions them leaks out) or bulge out of place, both of which can leave you writhing in agony. Although you can see a medical doctor to help manage the pain, the only way to offer any long term relief is to locate and fix the problem, which is where a professional, skilled chiropractor comes into play.

It Can Impinge Your Nerves

If your spine is moved in a personal injury accident like a slip and fall, it is possible that it is impinging your nerves, causing you numbness or tingling in various areas of your body. These types of effects can occur directly after the fall, or they can appear later in time if you sustained a personal injury but did not treat it immediately.