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Back Pain After Auto Injury

Many people who have been involved in a car accident experience back pain. Following an auto collision, pain may be felt in the lower, middle, or upper back. At Gabriel Chiropractic, we see many patients with auto injuries involving back pain.

How do Car Crashes Cause Back Pain?

During even low-speed car crashes, the forces applied to the spine can result in back pain. For instance, a rear-end collision rapidly compresses and straightens the spine. This can injure the ligaments and nerves of the back, or even result in disc herniation.

Because of the way car seats are designed, the violent movements involved in a car crash can cause some portions of your spine to move more than other parts. This action stretches and tears spinal ligaments, resulting in inflammation, pain, scar tissue, nerve damage, and even chronic or permanent symptoms.

Chiropractic Treatment of Auto Injury Back Pain

Many people who have been injured in a car crash are quick to reach for pain relief medication. However, this only masks the symptoms rather than treating the underlying problem. Chiropractic care addresses issues affecting the joints, bones, muscles, and nerves, supporting your body's natural healing process and realigning spinal joints that may have been pushed out of position during the crash.

Back Pain Auto Injury Stamford, CT

Following a physical examination, as well as an X-ray of your spine, Stamford chiropractor Dr. Murphy will develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your back pain and any other auto injuries you may be facing. At Gabriel Chiropractic, such auto injuries are most often treated using a hands-on approach known as spinal manipulation or a chiropractic adjustment. By applying controlled pressure to the joints of the back, Dr. Murphy puts them back into position to relieve pressure on any irritated nerves and restores a normal range of motion. These treatments may be complemented with stretching, exercise rehabilitation, spinal decompression therapy, and various soft tissue techniques.

If you're recovering from back pain after a car accident in Stamford, call Dr. Murphy for safe, efficient relief today.