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Low Back Pain

Millions of Americans are affected by back pain. Low back pain is second only to the common cold in terms of doctor office visits. Why do we have so many problems with our backs?

Likely, we would not have as many problems if we were a bit kinder to our backs, but the mere fact that we walk on two feet already creates wear and tear and pressure on our backs. Add to that the way we sit, lift, reach, perform tasks and move throughout our days and you have a recipe for potential back problems and pain. In addition, excessive abdominal weight and poor core strength can increase the risk of back problems.

So what are the problems caused by all of this wear and tear? Acute injuries such as muscle, ligament or tendon strain can cause back problems. Vertebrae can be affected by osteoarthritis and degeneration, which affects spinal alignment and causes more problems. The fluid-filled discs in between the vertebrae are susceptible to degeneration as well and can become compressed, bulge out the sides of the discs, leak fluid or rupture.

In some cases, low back pain is merely an achy annoyance, but some cases of back pain are excruciating and debilitating. In addition to the pain, there can be numbness, tingling, burning and pain that extends down one or both legs (sciatica).

Mild, moderate or severe, low back pain needs to be evaluated and treated to prevent further degeneration, debilitation or chronic pain. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury or degenerative conditions, but it also slows the healing process and creates more problems.

Your Stamford, CT chiropractor, Dr. Murphy can evaluate your low back pain thoroughly and come up with a treatment plan designed specifically for you! At Gabriel Chiropractic, we offer the very best in chiropractic care for low back pain including spinal manipulation (often recommended as the first course of action for chronic low back pain!).

Through individualized treatment plans, your Stamford, CT chiropractor can provide you with pain relief by aiding the healing process and educate you on preventing low back pain in the future through exercise, ergonomics, proper lifting. We at Gabriel Chiropractic will treat you, the patient, as a whole and address any and all health issues!

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