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Shoulder Pain After Auto Injury

Shoulder Pain After Auto Injury in Stamford CTHow could you get shoulder pain after an auto injury? The answer is one that Stamford chiropractor, Dr. Murphy explains to his patients frequently.

Your seatbelt is the #1 culprit in causing shoulder pain. The purpose of the seatbelt is to keep you planted in your car seat. This reduces injuries that would be more serious if your body was projected out the front window. However, while you’re planted in the seat, there’s extra pressure placed on your arms and shoulders. The belt may even cut into the shoulder muscles.

This may then cause bruising and swelling of your shoulder and arm. Neck pain may also result, as your neck is connected to these parts of the body. Neck pain may also occur because of a direct whiplash injury that then causes shoulder pain.

Some of the symptoms that can coexist with shoulder pain might also include achy pain or even stabbing, shooting pain that prevents you from moving your arm freely. In some cases, someone may suffer from a shoulder dislocation or rotator cuff injury. Either one of these injuries could eventually cause frozen shoulder syndrome where your arm is immovable most of the day.

Shoulder Pain After Auto Injury Stamford CTIf you ever suffer from shoulder pain or whiplash, schedule an appointment with your chiropractor in Stamford chiropractor as soon as possible. The methods used by Dr. Murphy at Gabriel Chiropractic are pain-free, drug-less, and natural treatments proven to be effective for shoulder pain, whiplash and neck pain. Many soft tissue injuries take about 6-8 weeks to heal, with substantial progress seen in the first few weeks after the whiplash or shoulder pain surfaces.

Going “natural” with Gabriel Chiropractic means reducing risks of developing new illnesses from painkillers that are addictive and can create side effects that last for months. If you live in Stamford, CT call your chiropractor today and see just how effective natural chiropractic treatments can be.